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United Kingdom
Current Residence: Wherever Areis 'n' Morgan are!
Favourite genre of music: Alternative rock
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: laptop
MP3 player of choice: My godamn iPhone
Favourite cartoon character: RainbowDash
Personal Quote: GRENADE!!!
I have no idea why I'd type this normally, but under these circumstances, I has to be said. Around mid october '11, I acquired what I must say has done more for me than I believe any person has before, my loyal bass. Now, I have been playing this AWESOME instrument a minimum of 5hours a week, but often for a far longer time than that if I   could. So after such a long time (adding that I do play excessively) my poor stings have taken a beginners beating, and on top of that, they were thick gauge "rock" strings. For the not so bassist people (ADG) the thicker strings have a far more solid sound than thinner ones, which is why I allways preferred the school bass, which was a full jazz style bass. Thinner strings have always been what I wanted, but I never looked to see how expensive they were.

Anyway, as usual, I have ranted for a fuckton of lines about something slightly off subject and here's the bit that I wanted to say. So I was out with dad getting the stuff to finish my loft room (screws, insulation, jigsaw .ect) and remembered that my normal guitar needed a new high E, do went to GigGear to see hi much one was (sonya, guess how much! £1!!! I thought they would be far more expensive than that!) so I decided to ask About medium gauge strings. £15.99 or something around that mark, so I got some! Fuck, I was exited!!!! And I must say that re-stringing my bass was one of the manliest things ever, I mean, REALLY AWESOME. Anyway, my cousin recently gave me a reaaaaly good Fender amp (like, and really good £200 one) so I pluged my bass into that and........................... I think I came.............. The sound my bass was producing has made me want to practice ALOT more, just to get that perfect bassy sound… it was awesome. "I can't believable" Heh!

Proof of how awesome they are is that I have successfully written a whole entry about strings (well... Mostly abou- wait... Ok, just a paragraph was actually relevant... I'll shut up now...)

FUCK I LOVE BASSSSSSSSSSS (All your bass are belong to us)
  • Listening to: Scootaloo's wings
  • Reading: Is it technically a paradox, reading this box?
  • Watching: The screen?
  • Eating: I wish I was :(
  • Drinking: I'm with stupid. ^

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